Laboratory Supplies

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Laboratory Supply Procurement Made Simple

Laboratory supplies are an essential part of any laboratory setting, as they are crucial for conducting experiments and carrying out research. These supplies can range from basic items like beakers and test tubes to more advanced equipment like centrifuges and spectrophotometers. It takes time and resources to find the right laboratory supplies.  We can make it simple for you.

Types of Laboratory Supplies We Source


Glassware is a fundamental component of laboratory supplies, used for various purposes such as holding, mixing, and heating chemicals. This category includes items like beakers, flasks, test tubes, and pipettes. Glassware can also be made from different types of glass depending on the specific needs of the experiment or application.


Plasticware is another essential category of laboratory supplies that is made from plastic instead of glass. This type of equipment is typically used for storing, handling, and preparing chemicals and samples. Plasticware includes items like vials, syringes, petri dishes, and microplates.


Laboratory instruments are specialized tools that aid in conducting experiments and analyzing samples. These can range from simple handheld devices like thermometers and timers to more complex equipment like centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and microscopes. Parts suppliers may offer a variety of laboratory instruments to cater to the diverse needs of laboratories.


Consumables are items that are used up or depleted during experiments and need frequent replenishment. This category includes items like filters, gloves, tips, and tubes. These supplies are often sold in bulk to ensure a steady supply at all times.


Chemicals are fundamental components of any laboratory setting as they are used for various purposes such as synthesis, analysis, and cleaning. A parts supplier may offer a wide range of chemicals including acids, bases, solvents, and reagents to cater to the needs of different laboratories.

Safety Equipment

Safety is of utmost importance in a laboratory, and therefore, safety equipment must be readily available. This category includes items like lab coats, goggles, gloves, and face shields. A parts supplier may also offer safety cabinets and emergency eye wash stations for added protection.

Lab Furniture

Lab furniture is necessary for creating a functional and organized laboratory space. This category includes items like lab benches, cabinets, and storage units that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a laboratory setting. Parts suppliers may offer various options for lab furniture to meet the specific needs and budget of different laboratories.

Lab Consumables

Lab consumables refer to items that are frequently used in daily lab operations, such as lab notebooks, labels, and markers. These supplies are essential for keeping track of experiments, labeling samples, and recording data. A parts supplier may offer a variety of lab consumables to ensure that laboratories have everything they need to function efficiently.

Lab Accessories

Lab accessories are items that enhance the functionality and convenience of a laboratory setting. This category includes items like stirrers, clamps, and racks. Parts suppliers may offer a variety of lab accessories to cater to the diverse needs of laboratories.

Specialty Items

In addition to the above subcategories, as a laboratory supplier we also can locate specialty items that fit your specific needs. These can include items like laboratory animal cages, microinjection systems, and electrophoresis equipment and other laboratory equipment. These specialty items cater to the specific needs of certain types of research or experiments and may not be readily available from other suppliers.

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Don’t see what you need? Just Ask.

Though this is a comprehensive range of laboratory supplies to meet the diverse needs of different kinds of laboratories. We may not have mentioned exactly what you need, but our expertise is in knowing where to look to find exactly what you need.  Send us the specs…we do the rest.

Pacific IC Source is a reliable product sourcing solution that can help you find the right laboratory supplies…in fact there’s a good chance we already have the connections you need.

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