Fast, reliable
product sourcing

Pacific IC Source will do the legwork for you so that you can get your project back on track.

Pacific IC sources the products manufacturers need to avoid delays and get their projects back on track.

All it takes is missing one small part and your project comes to a halt. You need results—fast! You need a vetted network of vendors and our 20 years of sourcing experience on your side.

Think it can’t be found? Send us the specs.

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Discontinued / Backordered

When products are discontinued or backordered we have ways to find hidden stock. And if we can’t find it we go the extra mile to source an alternative based directly on the specs you need.

Long Lead Times

When a single component has a long lead time you want to know if there are alternative vendors or products that can keep the manufacturing process rolling. We can help.

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We’re well versed in many industries and understand the unique requirements that can make sourcing a nightmare. Need it US made, US sourced or certified to be in compliance? We can help.

At Risk of Counterfeit

When it comes to board level components you need to know that the products you’re ordering are authentic. Our partnerships with vetted vendors and authenticity testing are essential.

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Industries Pacific IC Source Supports

We source for manufacturers that support many industries—from oil and gas to agriculture and aerospace and automotive to medicine. We’re also well versed in military and government sourcing.

reliable product sourcing:  We find solutions

When you think it can’t be found—send us the specs!

We’ll do the legwork for you so that you can get your project back on track.